Decorative, flexible and trendy

Sibu is a decorative panel that stands out for its extraordinary ease of application. The most exclusive feature is the flexibility of the panels that allows it to be used on curved or undulating surfaces.

Sibu panels are unbreakable and resistant and ensure an infinite range of finishes, colors and shapes, thus offering a variety of creative solutions to designers and designers.


  • NOT ADHESIVE: allows application on porous materials such as MDF, chipboard, multilayer, etc. with the use of vinyl glues and single-component synthetic adhesives


  • ADHESIVE: for fast and “cold” gluing on non-porous materials such as melamine, laminate, Plexiglas, etc.


  • MAGNETIC: allows you to quickly replace the panels while maintaining the existing background structure unaltered both in iron sheet and in Metalfoil.


  • HPL: it is applied and worked like a normal laminate using Bostik and vinyl glues.


  • ANTIGRAV: can be easily applied directly on the wall even by one person using silicone. It does not need mechanical anchor points and does not follow the differences in the underlying wall allowing a perfect flatness between the panels.


  • TRANSLUCENT: allows you to backlight some of the SIBU decorations on the entire surface or through decorative milled items created according to the design. Perfect for light boxes, lamps, etc.


  • FOAM: used with all the decorations in 3D leather allows you to work with a softer product and therefore more performing if used to cover curved or angular elements using a spray glue.



SIBU presents the innovative ANTIGRAV system. A lightweight material from the automotive industry that, in combination with numerous SIBU decorative surfaces, can be applied directly to the wall even with normal silicone.

ANTIGRAV panels are extremely light, impact-resistant, sound-absorbing and do not undergo any thermal expansion, allowing them to be installed by placing them together without leaving spaces or using profiles. Each panel can be cut with a simple cutter.

  • Extremely light
  • Shock resistant
  • Sound-absorbing
  • Can be applied directly to the wall even with normal silicone
  • It does not expand
  • Easy installation on large surfaces


We sell and delivery Sibu products throughout Sicily: Trapani, Palermo, Caltanissetta, Enna, Agrigento, Ragusa, Catania, Siracusa e Messina.

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DM Anthracite Matt Metallic Ar 

DM Cement Light 

DM Marble White

DM Oxidized Nickel Ar

DM Refined Metal Silver 

LL Carchoal Dark

LL Cordo Dovetale 

LL Leguan Silk

SG Luxury Bronze 

SG Marble Brown Ar+

SL Crashed Old Platin 

SL Dakota Copper

SL Motion Two Grey Brushed Matt Ar 

TL Linea 104X62 Old Platin

WL Carbonized Wood