The best panels and laminates HPL for interior design

Cleaf is an Italian company leader in the production of surfaces and innovative solutions for the furniture and interior design. Thermo-structured surfaces, laminates and edges entirely produced in Italy in the factories in Brianza, chosen by architects and designers all over the world.

Cleaf is a brand that stands out for the quality and avant-garde of its collections and trendy finishes.

  • MELAMINE FACED CHIPBOARD: The melamine panels are virgin wood panels whose faces are covered with decorative papers or polymer sheets. Cleaf panels stand out for their extreme care in the combination of decorative and finishing.
  • LAMINATES: Laminates are hot-pressed impregnated melamine papers. The avant-garde of Cleaf laminate collection is given by the different sizes and thicknesses available with the same finishing and decoration of the melamine faced chipboard.

We sell and delivery Cleaf products throughout Sicily: Trapani, Palermo, Caltanissetta, Enna, Agrigento, Ragusa, Catania, Siracusa e Messina.

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Ares FB51

Azimut S025

Engadina S061

Esperia S133

Idea FB82

Matrix LG23

Matrix LK00

Matrix LM63

Millennium S083

Mosaico UB02

Nadir FB10

Pembroke S128

Penelope FA33

Penelope FA44

Penelope FA46

Piombo HM00

Piombo HM02

Piombo HM04

Piombo HM05

Piombo HM07

Primofiore FC24

Primofiore UA80

Reflex FB64

Sherwood S073

Surf B011

Talco B073

Talco FB77

Talco FC18

Talco UA80

Tivoli S145

Toucher FB80

Yosemite S016