Chipboard and MFC

foto truciolato legnami guastella in sicilia

Chipboard and MFC

Panels of various thickness, formed by wood chips glued with synthetic resins, then pressed and usually covered with melamine in order to get Melamine Faced Chipboard .
Most are available with Moisture Resistant support.

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Acero 723 Matt

Ambassador D74 Valiant

Bianco S800 Matt

Bianco S800 Wax

Can Moak D17 Rockwood

Ciliegio Atlantico 09U Wax

Faro Oak 37M Ressia


Foscari AD3 Syncoporo

Magnolia OMG Wax

Nero 308 Top Matt

Noce Scuro 0GD Syncoporo

Olmo Bianco 29R Larix

Rovere P12 Pinstripe

Texture X84 Calicot

Walnut P25 Vanguard

Ares FB51

Azimut S025

Engadina S061

Esperia S133

Idea FB82

Matrix LG23

Matrix LK00

Matrix LM63

Millennium S083

Mosaico UB02

Nadir FB10

Pembroke S128

Penelope FA33

Penelope FA44

Penelope FA46

Piombo HM00

Piombo HM02

Piombo HM04

Piombo HM05

Piombo HM07

Primofiore FC24

Primofiore UA80

Reflex FB64

Sherwood S073

Surf B011

Talco B073

Talco FB77

Talco FC18

Talco UA80

Tivoli S145

Toucher FB80

Yosemite S016

H1180 ST37

H1487 ST22

U156 ST9

U708 ST9

U727 ST9

U961 PM/ST2

U963 ST9

U999 PM/ST2

W1000 ST9

W1100 PM/ST2

W980 SM

W980 ST2