Baubuche Panel & Panel X

Foto Prodotto Baubuche Tavolato E Tavolato X

Baubuche Panel & Panel X

BauBuche panel is characterized by horizontal layers perpendicular to the surface and is suitable for table tops, sturdy worktops, wall and ceiling coverings, staircases, as well as an elegant, durable and easy-to-clean wooden floor.

BauBuche panel can be processed like solid coniferous wood or hardwood panels and, thanks to the refined veneer effect, are suitable for visible applications. In addition, the polished surfaces lend themselves perfectly to further processing.


  • mm 20 – 4500×680 mm
  • mm 35 – 4500×680 mm
  • mm 60 – 4500×680 mm

Panel X

  • mm 19 – 5000×1250 mm