Wood that has something more

ALPI is the first company in the world to industrialize the production process of composite wood. ALPI woods multilaminar wood veneer with dyed wood and are characterized by a wide choice of thicknesses and finishes depending on the use. An infinite range of finishes for chromatic variations, textures, grains, both imitative of precious woods to cover every type of surface.

ALPI Wood Collection is divided into eight stylistic moods, which reproduce colors and grains of natural wood species, precious and protected woods, as well as unreleased textures, not found in nature, through a process that is halfway between industry and tailoring.


  • Endless design potential because of its resistance, eases to work and naturalness.
  • Wide choice of woods for chromatic variations, textures, grains, essences including sheared wood, pre-finished wood also high strength and solid wood versions, to cover any type of surface.
  • Suitable for covering all types of surfaces.
  • Eco sustainable and ecological. It respects the FSC® certification, which attests to the responsible management of the forests. In addition, all ALPI wood types can be produced on request in the ZeroF version, free from formaldehyde, to obtain eco-responsible decorative surfaces, free from emissions of harmful volatile substances.

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Datuk Ebony 10.44

Gamperana Triplex 18.76

Rosewood 1 Flamed 10.25

Slavony Oak 10.84

Teak 2 Flamed

Xilo 2.0 Walnut Flamed 10.11

Xilo 2.0 Walnut Planked 10.17

Xilo 2.0 Wavy American Walnut 10.19


American Walnut 10.16

Ammara Ebony 10.42

Balanced American Walnut 10.18

Balanced Wenge 10.31

Breeze Oak 10.69

Concrete Pinstripe 14.04

Drapery Wood 18.41

Grid Wood 18.42

Indian Rosewood 10.23

Oak 10.61

Smoke Grey Oak 10.65

Smoky Velvet 14.02

Tarsie 3 Sand 18.15

Teak 10.74

Thermo Oak 10.68

Xilo 2.0 Flamed Grey 18.11

Xilo 2.0 Flamed White 18.09

Xilo 2.0 Striped Black 18.04

Xilo 2.0 Striped Sand 18.02

Zingana 10.88