Una storia di eccellenza e passione

Our passion for wood began in the 70s when Emanuele Guastella founded our company in Ragusa. Over the years we have had a steady and fast growth up to becoming a stable and efficient reality in Sicily in the industry of retail and wholesale sales of wood and semi-finished wood in quality and eco-sustainable wood.

2011 marks a turning point in our company history with the entry of the children. This generational shift puts the company in line with the needs of the market: the knowledge of wood and the father’s craftsmanship combines the refinement of design and the innovative stylistic solutions offered by the new generation.
We are always looking for excellence, offering our customers the proper expertise, a wide range of laminates, melamine and wood panels, a wide selection of finishes and customizations, the best brands and products in the furniture industry, guaranteeing the immediate availability in prompt delivery of all products.

This company, in 35 years of existence, achieved what its Sicilian colleagues haven’t done in an entire entrepreneurial work life. Emanuele Guastella is a farsighted man, has an excellent knowledge of wood, has always recommended his clients, taking care if the suggestion could be enough. He constantly travels the world looking for particular wood species aiming to provide to Sicilian customers something different from what they were accustomed to

Alessandro Toni
“Il mercato del legno nella Sicilia del ‘900”



In our warehouse of more than 13,000 square meters we have a wide range of wood products and derivatives and a wide selection of finishes immediately available for every need. Over 1,000 products ready in stock for reliable and timely delivery, without having to wait for long lead times. Our goal is to always be ready to satisfy our customers.


We process top quality timbers by carefully selecting the raw materials, the semi-finished production processes and the leading producers in the wood sector to always guarantee an excellent product and innovative proposals. We are exclusive dealers in Sicily, Southern Italy and Malta for the most important brands in the world of materials and innovative surfaces for furniture and design. We guarantee our products and their quality.


We personally take care of delivering our goods throughout Sicily and Malta. The availability of a large fleet of owned vehicles and qualified personnel allows us to ensure timely and prompt deliveries to our customers, and with the certainty of delivering our products in perfect condition without being damaged during transport.


We work with extreme precision and punctuality, employing qualified staff able to offer all the services requested and useful advice to our customers. We are a big family that cares about the personal and professional growth of our team. This is why we strongly believe that our greatest asset are human resources and we are constantly working to improve ourselves and our performances.


Safeguarding the world’s forest heritage for us is a mission because we believe that it is a treasure to be preserved and passed down to future generations. We are firmly convinced that business decisions and ecologically responsible behavior can coexist. This is why we select our suppliers also on the basis of environmental and forest maintenance policies. Here you will find highly sustainable, traceable and legal wood.


In our showroom we offer design consultancy to architects, interior designers and woodworkers. We strongly pursueded this professional networking place, in order to plan together innovative design solutions that look at contemporaneity and future. Come and discover our brands and products to start designing together!


The place where ideas meet matter: our showroom fully devoted to architects and furniture professionals in order to always be updated on products' news and the best solutions to offer to your customers.